The Greenkeeper difference

An individual programme especially for your lawn

The Greenkeeper service begins with a complete lawn analysis, evaluating your soil type, and any weeds and pests. Then we develop a programme of treatment that's specific to the needs of your lawn, which is monitored throughout the seasons to make sure your lawn looks great all year round.

A professional service - only by Greenkeeper experts

Your lawn will be monitored and tended by our own skilled, professional staff, who are all trained at Sparsholt College and are experts in lawn care, the products we use, and the standards we expect to set and maintain at all times. The Greenkeeper service simply couldn't be delivered any other way!

Using the best ScottsŪ superior products

Greenkeeper uses Scotts professional slow-release fertilizers, which have been developed, tested, and fine-tuned on tens of thousands of lawns, golf courses, sports fields and parks. Scotts has been in business for over 100 years - so you can be sure that we're working with the very best.

Not just regular treatments - regular care

Because it's our own skilled and trained professionals who visit every time, your lawn is regularly evaluated, and the programme of care can be constantly fine-tuned to ensure your lawn gets the optimum treatment at every opportunity.

On hand if you need us...

The Greenkeeper service is about more than maintenance; we're there in times of emergency if required too. If something unexpected happens to your lawn between our visits, call us and we'll aim to have one of our team there to solve the problem within 48 hours.

...for as long as you want us

Whilst we would expect you to see an improvement in your lawn after our very first treatment, it stands to reason that regular treatments over a course of time are the key to a beautiful lawn long-term. At Greenkeeper, we don't tie you in with contracts; we have the confidence that once you've seen our results, you'll be more than happy to continue with our service.


Caring for the environment, not just your lawn

Greenkeeper's staff love the great outdoors - that's why we've chosen careers that mean we get to work in it! So the Scotts products we use are rigorously tested, screened and reviewed to ensure that, in the hands of our skilled professionals, they'll be great for your lawn, but at no cost to the greater environment.

More consistent than other lawn care companies

We're not part of a big, franchised operation; because we're a small, local business we can better ensure consistency - and it's more important to us that we do so. Many of our customers started out with other lawn services, but switched to us because they weren't getting the care, results or value that they were led to expect.

Our customers are the first to recommend us

One of the things of which we're most proud at Greenkeeper is that many new customers come to us following a recommendation. With customers so happy with our service that they are prepared to advocate it to their family, friends and neighbours, we know we're doing a good job!

We take your satisfaction seriously

Again, as a small, local business our reputation and success depends on satisfied customers. If you have any query, issue or problem with our service, simply let us know and we will not rest until it is resolved. Each and every customer is too important to us for it to be any other way!