Common questions

How much does the service cost?

That will depend on your lawn, but a 100sq metre lawn has an average cost of £150-£200 per annum for a full service plan. You will receive a full, no obligation quotation for a programme tailored to your lawn following an initial visit from one of our skilled team, during which your FREE lawn analysis is completed.

How can you care for my lawn for less than it would cost me to do it myself?

We're skilled and dedicated professionals, using the best products, equipment, training and expertise to get you the very best results. Why not save yourself the time, money and trouble and call us today!

What's the minimum contract?

There is no minimum contract. Even though our service is obviously one that improves over time, we have every confidence that our customers will see its benefits quickly and choose to continue, rather than being tied in to a long contract.

When should I start the service?

There's no 'right time' to start the service; your lawn will have different requirements all year round. However, the sooner you start, the sooner your lawn will receive a visit from the Greenkeeper team and begin to benefit from its specially-designed care programme.

How quickly will I see results?

You should start to see an improvement in the condition of your lawn within a couple of weeks of its first treatment, which every treatment following will build upon.

What can Greenkeeper do that my gardener can't?

It's unlikely that your gardener has access to the professional products and equipment that our highly trained, professional specialist staff use. You'll find you get better value and results by letting us do what we're best at, and freeing your gardener up to focus his efforts on the rest of your garden.

I already use a lawn treatment company. Why should I change?

Many of our customers started out using a different service, but because we're a smaller operation, we can ensure better standards, value and consistency of service. If you're not completely happy with the company you use, or if you'd prefer to benefit from the services of a local expert instead, there's no harm in calling us for a free, no-obligation quotation!


Will I still need to mow or water my lawn?

Unless you choose the most comprehensive service, you may still need to mow and water your lawn between our treatments. We are pleased to advise on the investment of any your time to support our care of your lawn.

How do I pay for the service?

You can choose to receive an itemised invoice following a visit, which we ask that you pay by cheque or direct bank transfer within 7 days. Alternatively, you can opt for the convenience of paying in monthly instalments by direct debit.

My lawn's in a really dreadful state. Can you help?

Our reputation depends on satisfied customers, so it's not in our best interests to take on a lawn that we can't turn around. But that's not to say that some of our customers haven't been amazed by the results we've achieved from lawns they thought were beyond hope. It's certainly worth a call to arrange a free visit to find out.

Will I need to keep the children or pets off the lawn following treatments?

Not for longer than an hour at the most - all our treatments are perfectly safe for children and pets. Having us treat your lawn is probably more safe than having your own products stored in a shed or garage that children or pets might come into contact with in a more damaging, concentrated form.

What do I do if I'm not happy with the service?

If any aspect of the service is not as you expected, please call us and let us know. The satisfaction of each and every one of our customers is important to us, and we will do our best to rectify any problems, swiftly and without a fuss.