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Every lawn is different, so our service always starts with a detailed lawn analysis, which helps us to identify the best programme of treatments for your lawn. However, typical treatments include:

  • Scarification
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Yearly Plan

Scarification is one of the single most important treatments that we can perform on a lawn. During the year, a layer of thatch forms at the base of the grass stem. As it forms, it prevents nutrients, water and air from reaching the root zone, creating an ideal environment for moss to flourish.

We, at Greenkeeper Lawns, treat the moss first as a separate treatment. We then scarify the lawn removing the surface thatch on which the moss grows. This, more importantly, also breaks the surface of the lawn cutting the rizones and encouraging the roots to regenerate.

Do not be confused between our professional scarifier and a domestic lawn rake. Our machines are very powerful with fixed blades.

Regular deep thatch scarification will keep your lawn looking its best.

Greenkeeper Lawns also remove all waste if required, but we encourage customers to recycle as compost where possible.

Primary Reasons to carry out Mechanical Aeration

1 It allows the soil to soak up more water; this benefits the root/rizone system resulting in a healthier plant.

2 Mechanical Aeration gives the root system a place to expand, resulting in a thicker sward. It also deters weed growth.

3 It allows for a better air exchange to the soil, allowing the root system to take up more oxygen, improving its health. This, combined with Greenkeeper Lawns carefully selected feed programme, will ensure your lawn improves dramatically.

We like to aerate late Autumn-Spring if the conditions allow.

Aeration is one of the single most beneficial treatments in Lawn Care.

Spring Treatment

First application of Scott’s professional mini or micro granular lawn fertiliser. This is determined by the condition of the lawn after the cold winter months, as over feeding can result in problems later in the year.

At the same time, we apply the first application of lawn weed killer. We are confident that we can stop early weed development. Badly infested lawns may require repeated treatments; however, after the first year, one treatment per annum should suffice.

Summer Treatment (Early)

Second application of micro granular lawn fertiliser. Again the feed is dependent on the condition of the lawn. All feeds are homogeneous, which provides uniform and even spread.


Second application of lawn weed killer applied, if necessary (spot weeding is free).

Summer Treatment (Late)

This time of year, we apply a purely organic feed. Our aim is to continue to bring that deep green colour to the grass.

We check for insect problems and fungal disease, and respond accordingly.

Apply further free spot weed control, if needed.

Autumn/Winter Treatment

A very important feed which has iron included to subdue moss, and potassium to strengthen the root structure.

An application of insecticide, if necessary.


All the treatments above are typical of a yearly plan. It’s not possible to give a set plan for every lawn; every lawn is different and we monitor your lawn conditions and adapt the plan accordingly. This will guarantee a healthier lawn and results that last. We are confident of our ability to give a quality personal service, now and in the future, keeping your lawn in tip top condition.

Call for your free analysis & quotation

Greenkeeper lawn prices start from as little as £16.

All lawns should have “four” quality lawn feeds applied during the course of the year to keep them in optimum condition.

Scarification and aeration are physically demanding procedures. We use professional machines, clear up ‘arisings’ and dispose of them for you if necessary. We encourage you to compost, where possible.



The weather conditions are changing constantly, so we change with them, monitoring and adapting, so we can apply the best treatments accordingly.